Medklinn Versa HomeTravel Series: Cleaner Air & Surfaces at Your Hand, Wherever You Go

As the name hints, The Versa HomeTravel series is versatile, light and easy to carry around. Weighing lighter than a tablet – only 220 grams, 95% smaller versus conventional air filters, 50% smaller than the previous Versa model, and powered by Micro USB, the new Versa HomeTravel Series is your ideal companion for home, and on your travels.

At first look this may look like a typical air purifier but Medklinn Versa is much more than that. It does not take in dirty air like an ordinary air purifier does. Medklinn unit uses a special technology called Cerafusion making it produce and emit Active Oxygen to sterilize the air and surfaces in homes, offices, hotel rooms or wherever you go.

Active Oxygen is produced naturally in nature, through phenomena such as falling water, cosmic ray, thunderstorm, and photosynthesis. Wondering why nature create Active Oxygen? It does so to cleanse the air of pollutants. It does so to eliminate the smog which is toxic and cancer-causing.

When you read or hear ozone is toxic or harmful, do not be frightened right away remember that they are referring to smog consisting of toxic gases from vehicle and factory exhaust. Ozone Gas (O3) is good, it protects humans from the sun’s harmful UV light.

Based on the study conducted by US Environmental Protection Agency, USA (EPA), 1999, Ozone is mentioned to be a very strong disinfectant and oxidizer and is a more than 50% stronger oxidizer and acts over 3,000 times faster.

Medklinn products have been tested scientifically and have shown to eliminate 99.9% of all known bacteria, viruses, dust mite allergens, molds and other harmful pollutants in the air and in the surfaces. This is uniquely engineered to sterilize air and surfaces safely and naturally, without chemicals or drugs. It has been FDA and USDA Approved since year 2001.

Medklinn Versa HomeTravel is a perfect additional to your safety and prevention kit especially during this age of time that world is experiencing another fatal virus outbreak known as novel coronavirus (2019-nCov). The Medklinn Versa HomeTrave protects you and you loved ones from microscopic dangers wherever you go. Aside from being remarkable powerful with coverage of 250 sq ft and 450 sq ft, Versa HomeTravel units are definitely user-friendly for homeowners and also for travelers since it can very well fit inside the bag or luggage without occupying too much space.

One best way to remind your family and loved ones how much they are important to you and that their health matters, is by gifting them a Medklinn Versa HomeTravel unit so you will be at ease that they will be breathing clean air wherever they go. Available in two colors; rose gold and classic titanium you have options on which color to gift him or her. Each unit comes with one year warranty.

Of course, don’t forget yourself. You too deserve to breathe at peace wherever you go.

Shop the Medklinn Versa HomeTravel series here. Use code BIRCHBLOGGER10 upon checkout and receive a 10% discount on your purchase. Promo code is valid for the duration of the community quarantine, March 15-April 15, 2020. Keep safe, stay healthy.

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