Coming from the successful launch of their Comfort mask that takes personal protection  to a higher level, Fine Guard introduces another groundbreaking innovation and  product—the Sports mask. This latest variant is a highly effective anti-virus face mask  for athletes and those with an active lifestyle. 

Fine Guard is the world’s first and only reusable mask brand utilizing the multi-patented  Swiss Livinguard technology, clinically proven to immediately neutralize and kill viruses  and germs on contact with the added benefits of comfort, eco-friendliness, and cost efficiency. However, it was observed that another degree of breathability is needed  during exercise. As the rate and depth of breathing increase in the course of vigorous  physical activity, so does the demand for an uncompromising mask that is even more  breathable than what’s already available in the market. 

James Michael Lafferty, CEO of Fine Hygienic Holding which is the creator  and manufacturer of Fine Guard, shares, “We looked at different fabric technologies all  treated with Livinguard until we came up with the Sport mask.” Designed for athletes  and fitness enthusiasts, the Sport variant was developed with the help of Olympians.  Lafferty adds, “We have Olympians endorsing the product that have trained with it,  tested it, and helped us develop it, including Filipino pole vaulter, EJ Obiena, who use  the mask in both training and competition. It is the only sports mask endorsed by the  leading physicians of the Medical Wellness Association, for the prevention of infection.” 

Fine Guard Sport is made of a blend of Livinguard  treated cotton and lycra to allow breathability   tending to freedom of movement without limitation.   It also guarantees superior protection via the Livinguard Technology, which has been proven in testing at the University of Arizona—as well as Berlin Open University and University of Aachen—to kill 99.9% of pathogens including Covid-19. Equipped with Velcro fastening system and silicone self-locking adjusters for a comfortable and customized fit, Fine Guard’s latest variant bridges the divide between safety and sport, bringing the best of both worlds to men and women committed to fitness. 

A breakthrough technology that kills bacteria and viruses 

The Fine Guard Sport with Livinguard technology sterilizes the air that passes through  the mask while immediately killing bacteria and viruses before any can slip through. 

Unlike typical disinfectants, which kill harmful agents but can be toxic to humans,  Livinguard’s revolutionary inactivation technology neutralizes germs safely by using  charged ions to disrupt the membrane structure of bacteria and viruses, rendering them  “inactive.” This technology, which has been certified as effective by the US Product  Safety Labs, also prevents resurgence of pathogens that could survive and adapt.  Ultimately, Livinguard users are guaranteed maximum protection without causing  irritation to the skin as well as other potential dangers. 

Two masks in one box 

To ensure breathability that lasts throughout the day, Fine Guard Sport comes with a second mask that athletes and fitness enthusiasts can change to once the first mask already absorbs the user’s sweat in high capacity. Similar to professional tennis players who change shirts in between sets during competition, Fine Guard Sport users are encouraged to change masks once it has already absorbed much sweatto ensure breathability that would aid the user to last the entire exercise comfortably. 

Environment-friendly and easy to clean 

Unlike standard face masks which rapidly increase the rate of plastic pollution due to  daily disposal, each Fine Guard Sport mask is reusable for over a year’s length since its  Livinguard technology remains fully effective up to 50 washes. This, therefore, is a more  mindful approach to staying protected because it positively affects both the user and the  environment.  

As a general rule, the mask should be washed at minimum of 1x per week, assuming  regular usage; nevertheless, this frequency depends on variables including the user’s  wear time and sweat rate, as well as surrounding air pollution. To clean, gentle hand  washing in warm water is ideal. A bit of soap can be added if needed but powerful  cleaning agents such as bleach or detergents should be avoided lest it renders the  mask’s Livinguard Technology ineffective. The Fine Guard Sport must be air dried after  every wash. 

A cost-effective solution 

Fine Guard Sport is made of textile-based materials that are reusable and washable,  which also offer savings for long-time use. While disposable face masks are typically  priced in convenience stores around Php 10 to Php 20 per use, Fine Guard Sport mask  can cost as little as Php6 per day.  

Reasonable, comfortable, safe, and breathable, Fine Guard Sport is scientifically proven  by wellness experts as the best mask for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. As for  Lafferty, he chooses Fine Guard Sport as his mask not only for sports but for other  everyday movement as well because of its seamless comfort and uncompromising  protection. He shares, “This is the mask that I wear, and I think it’s a much bigger idea 

than just for sports because it’s the only mask that’s comfortable and that you don’t  mind wearing. I can breathe completely normally and I’m still 99.9% protected.” He  furthered his point by explaining the common man’s repulsion to masks due to  discomfort, which is expressed by wearing it incorrectly. “The most important thing  about a mask is that you wear it right. When you see people wearing it on their chin or  below their nose, the mask is useless,” muses Lafferty. He thus concludes the role of  Fine Guard Sport as the best mask because of its amazing breathability and protective qualities. 

Check out Fine Guard Sports here.

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